The Bunny Farm

of Northeast Georgia

Well Hi There!

We are The Bunny Farm,  a family owned local breeder and bunny rescue located in Cleveland, GA.  My husband Roger is known as "The Bunny Whisperer" in our local area!


Our bunnies are well taken care of, loved, and handled daily to ensure the best possible pet quality until they find their forever homes. It is then up to you to continue to love and take care of them the way they should be. We have new litters born a few times a year and will not let them go until they are weaned and eating on their own - usually at 6-8 weeks.  Because we love to see our bunnies go to families for their forever homes, we specialize in Mini Rex. Holland Lops, and Dutch - which are the best suited rabbits for families and families with children.  

Thanks for checking us out - stay a while and have a look around!


Melanie Rosdahl
Roger Rosdahl
A few more family members at the farm...
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